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From listing to shipping and everything in between, Backflip puts the power of a full team of resale workers at your fingertips.
No commitment required!
You acquire the inventory. Backflip does the rest.
Invest your time into growth
Invest your time into growth
Reclaim the time you spend on listing, photography, pricing, packaging and mailing. Simply ship your resale inventory to Backflip, and let us do the work for you.
Increase profit and sales
Increase profit and sales
Get optimized listings, professional photography, price recommendations, instant cross-listing, and automatic relisting to boost your marketplace sales.
Reclaim your space
Reclaim your space
Outsource your inventory management and shipping operation, so you can work 100% remotely.
Never open another marketplace tab again
Backflip is your remote team of trained resale workers, executing the most time-consuming tasks at the click of a button.
checkmarkListings optimized for multiple marketplaces
checkmarkProfessional photography
checkmarkPricing recommendations
checkmarkBulk listing, cross-listing and delisting
checkmarkAutomatic daily relisting
checkmarkSold items ship automatically
checkmarkCustom kitting
checkmarkVisualizations of sales and profit
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How it works
Ship inventory to Backflip
Ship inventory to Backflip
Ship your inventory from anywhere, including online sources, to your new (US-based) Backflip shipping address.
 Backflip digitizes everything
Backflip digitizes everything
Within 7 days, get listings optimized for multiple marketplaces with perfect data, professional photography, and price recommendations.
Run your business remotely
Run your business remotely
List, delist and relist across marketplaces, ship items automatically, visualize your profit, and more!
Backflip currently accepts most clothing & apparel.
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Who are we?
Backflip was made for resellers, by resellers. Our warehouses are monitored 24/7, climate controlled, and staffed by a team of experts who have decades of experience handling resale inventory.
Now, we’re solving the challenges that limited time and space present to resellers. As resellers ourselves, we know how much trust you place in us when you ship us your inventory. Our philosophy is to treat each item we receive as one of our own.
detailsFrom photography and listings to packaging and custom kitting, everything we do is infused with attention to detail.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Backflip?
Backflip is the world’s first full-service third-party logistics (3PL) provider for professional resellers who want to outsource the most time-consuming parts of their resale business.
Who should use Backflip?
Backflip was designed for resellers who are tired of marketplace tabs, spreadsheets, listings, photography, pricing research, storage, packing and shipping. Anyone who wants to spend more time growing their resale business by acquiring inventory should schedule a demo!
How does Backflip work?
After connecting your marketplace accounts, ship your resale inventory to your new Backflip shipping address. We’ll create listings optimized for every marketplace, with perfect data, professional photography, and pricing recommendations. You can remotely manage everything – listing, delisting, relisting, and more – from your Backflip dashboard. When an item sells, we’ll automatically pack and ship it to the buyer for you.
What marketplaces can I use with Backflip?
We currently support eBay and expect to add Etsy, Poshmark, Mercari and Facebook soon.
What kind of inventory does Backflip accept?
We currently accept most clothing and apparel. For full inventory guidelines, click here.
How does my inventory get to Backflip?
You can ship any amount of items, at any time, to your unique Backflip shipping address located in Austin, TX. Backflip does not cover this shipping cost. For full shipping guidelines, click here.