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How does Backflip work?
Step 1
Schedule a Free Pickup
  • — Pick a good date and time for us to pick up your items.
  • — A professional courier will photograph and collect your things.
  • — Backflip is 100% free to use, always.
Step 2
Get Prices within 24 Hours
  • – Within 24 business hours after pickup, you'll receive prices for your items.
  • – Prices are based on expected resale value and difficulty.
  • – There is no commitment to sell after receiving a price.
Step 3
Get Paid within 24 Hours, Risk-free
  • – Choose from Debit Card, Direct Deposit, and Gift Card options.
  • — You’ll be paid within 24 business hours (Mon-Fri) of accepting.
  • – If you don’t like a price, we’ll return the item back to you for free.

Sell your things today!