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How it Works
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How does Backflip work?
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Step 1
Reserve Your Pickup Window
  • — Pick a good date and time for us to pick up your electronics.
  • — We'll contact you to confirm a specific time and address that works best.
  • — Backflip is 100% free to use, always.
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Step 2
Get Any & All Electronics Picked Up
  • – When we arrive, bring your electronics to the front door or curb.
  • – We'll bubble wrap them and give you an itemized receipt.
  • – We accept all electronics that can fit in the back of our Backflip-mobile.
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Step 3
Choose to Get Paid, Recycle or Return
  • — You’ll get our offer for each item within 24 business hours.
  • – Choose which items to get paid for, recycled or returned to you.
  • – Get paid within 24 business hours from accepting any price. (Debit Card, Direct Deposit, Gift Card)
Ready to sell all your electronics today?