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Our Story
Creating a New Way to Sell Old Stuff
Mike Barile (CEO) & Adam Foosaner (CTO)
stumbled on the idea behind Backflip when moving between apartments in San Francisco, CA. “Why can’t we find someone to just buy this stuff and take it off our hands today,” they thought. “We should be able to sell anything in a matter of minutes by just taking a picture of it on our phones.” Backflip is the first step towards realizing this vision.
Before the novel coronavirus…
appeared in early 2020, local Backflip representatives paid cash on the spot after picking up items. After social distancing took effect, Backflip pivoted to making it as easy as possible to sell things contactlessly through mail. By partnering with professional resellers across the country, Backflip now buys consumer electronics at higher-than-competitive prices with the fastest payment turnaround time. Qualified payments are disbursed the same day they are offered, and all other payments are issued within a few days.
Now, Backflip is growing fast. People are starting to change the way they think about selling their accumulated items as a result. Personal electronics are just the start.
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