Backflip Price Guide

Learn how Backflip calculates your payout
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Reward Structure
Total Payout Tier
Sum of all accepted offers
Added to payout
Cash rewards pay out within 24 business hours (Mon.-Fri.) of responding to your offers.
item pricing information
An item's Expected Resale Value is what it could reasonably sell for on peer-to-peer marketplaces like FB Marketplace and Craigslist.
But that process normally takes over 10 hours of effort, lasts 2-4 weeks, and requires trusting a stranger.
To avoid the hassle, you can sell things to Backflip with no effort, in just a couple days, and only interact with professionals.
In exchange, you'll get paid a certain percentage of your item's Expected Resale Value.
Choose from two price options
Within 24 hours after pickup, you'll receive an Instant Price™ and Consign Price™ for each item with an Expected Resale Value over $10.
Price Calculation
Item’s Expected Resale Value
Marketplace value
Consign Price™
% You Earn Resold
Instant Price™
% You Earn Now
Prices are calculated for each item individually.
free returns promise icon
Free Returns Promise™
Don’t like the price you’re offered? Backflip will return any items for free at your convenience.